Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Why can I access to port 8080 only from localhost on Ubuntu?

To achieve the previous post, I had some problems today to access to my tomcat server from another machine. Ping OK but telnet 8080 KO... Humm, this smells firewall rules. Bingo! I didn't considered iptables as a firewall but it's one!

So, if you are in a secure network area, you can disable it temporarily with the following command :
sudo iptables -F
You can go further by reading this how-to page :


drbunsen said...

Hi Alexandre,
I'm sorry, but I didn't find an other way to contact you.
I found your Project on Google Code. It is exactly the programm I need. Can you tell if any of your Revisions (Rev 1-38) is runnable? It doesn't matter if it's stable. But it should be able to start a connection.
Please contact me.

drbunsen said...

I don' know if my Emailaddress is shown. Please contact me at

Rahul said...

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