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Oracle quick start guide

Just a link to an Oracle quick start guide to remember :

IntelliJ shortcuts vs Eclipse shortcuts

Recently, I started to work with IntelliJ. But, honestly, after several years with Eclipse, it's hard to be effective because of key shortcuts which are different between the two IDEs. A little request on Google and I found this (great!) :

DescriptionEclipse shortcutIntelliJ ShortcutNavigate a Java TypeCTRL + ALT + TCTRL + NNavigate a ResourceCTRL + ALT + RCTRL + SHIFT +NLast Modified SourceALT + Left arrowCTRL + ALT + left arrowDebugF11Shift + F9Open DeclarationF3CTRL + SHIFT + BOpen HierarchyF4CTRL + HOrganize ImportsCRTL + SHIFT + OCTRL + ALT + OFindCTRL + FCTRL + FFind Again/ previousF3 / SHIFT + F3F3 / SHIFT + F3Step IntoF5F7Step OverF6F8Step OutF7Shift + F8ResumeF8F9To find impl of an abstract Method?Ctrl + Alt + BTo find usageCTRL + SHIFT + GAlt + F7


Yes, it's time to start a new project. A classic fact is that user specifications are not yet completely defined. Humm, but I need to start the project. The only solution will be to be agile. So, let's SCRUM. It's the first time for me. I read some docs from the past but I never really tried it. Thus, I spent this evening reading charts, blogs, etc... I also found a good french video preformed by a SCRUM senior (having 4,000 hours flying on agile projects) :

Planification et gestion de projet informatique : SCRUM
par intellicore

Google App Engine will support Java

Excellent news! There was an empty place on the web : it was barely impossible to find free hosting for java applications. The main reason is certainly due to the runtime heavyweight. For example, a java apps consume a lot of cpu and i/o charges on JVM startup. Another reason is the total cost ownership of java servers. Let me try a little comparison : if a PHP engine is like a old car (not really powerful but strong for many usages and maintenance free), a Java engine is like a Ferrari : really performant but really horrible to manage, to tune, to maintain, etc... Now imagine that you're at the head of a low cost rental company. What should you prefer : offering PHP cheap engine or Ferrari ones? You see what I mean... But, in the other hand, what's a frustration for millions of java developers like me! I was forced to program in PHP for my webapps. (and I'm really not a PHP killer). Hopefully, graceful to Google, you will be able to have online apps using Google App En…