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VMWare is not the only one to virtualize desktops

Today, as I was looking for some information about Ubuntu 11.04, I discovered Edubuntu weblive. This solution allows to open a real linux session over internet. Just go here and enjoy this revolution :

By the way, I had to understand what kind of technology there is under weblive. I first found Stephane Graber's blog : Then, I understood that it's a Linux terminal server with a FreeNX java agent. I realized how it is a real concurrent of the vmware solution.

If (like me), you want to "virtualize" desktops in your company, you have to :
understand how LTSP Cluster works ( what is LTSP of course ( things about the open source freenx implementation ( a look to this lauchpad link : what is LXC ( you have legacy Microsoft applications such as Outlook,…