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Colorify your Eclipse

Yesterday, while I was watching a video about the Play! framework, I realized that I was contemplating TextMate's colors. So, after some googlings, I discovered a "color plugin" which changes the text theme (it doesn't concern the overall look and feel but just the text apparence here). It is so nice so I put here the update-site url :

Spring saved my day on an UTF-8 encoding problem

I'm working on Jasig CAS (an SSO server) and I had an issue with special chars. For example, it was impossible to log in with a password like &é"'(-.
I checked my jsp file :it was encoded in UTF-8I checked the encoding directive (<%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %>) : OKThe idea was to force the request encoding with something like :


But I was in Spring MVC and I didn't want an ugly hack. Fortunately, Spring saved my day with a builtin servlet filter to declare in the web.xml.