Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feeling sad with Eclipse on Linux

Humm, something is broken : my trust in Eclipse quality.

I recently installed an Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop. Then I added Eclipse 3.3 with Sun Java 6. After several days (weeks...), it tastes unstable. Not Ubuntu! (Of course)... but Eclipse. Here is a list of problems I encountered :
  • problem with VCS (when comparing files with a repository for example)
  • problem with auto-imports (so I have to use "Reorganize imports" instead
  • problem with Java and Debug perspectives that change views positions by itself
  • something, Eclipse goes slowly during a few seconds (???)
  • and... the ugly big fonts they use that make my 17 inches screen looking like a 15 inches one.
So, I hope Eclipse 3.4 will fix that (or I will go back to the Win32 version. Hopefully VMWare exists)

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