Friday, October 24, 2008

IntelliJ shortcuts vs Eclipse shortcuts

Recently, I started to work with IntelliJ. But, honestly, after several years with Eclipse, it's hard to be effective because of key shortcuts which are different between the two IDEs. A little request on Google and I found this (great!) :

Description Eclipse shortcut IntelliJ Shortcut
Navigate a Java Type CTRL + ALT + T CTRL + N
Navigate a Resource CTRL + ALT + R CTRL + SHIFT +N
Last Modified Source ALT + Left arrow CTRL + ALT + left arrow
Debug F11 Shift + F9
Open Declaration F3 CTRL + SHIFT + B
Open Hierarchy F4 CTRL + H
Organize Imports CRTL + SHIFT + O CTRL + ALT + O
Find CTRL + F CTRL + F
Find Again/ previous F3 / SHIFT + F3 F3 / SHIFT + F3
Step Into F5 F7
Step Over F6 F8
Step Out F7 Shift + F8
Resume F8 F9
To find impl of an abstract Method ? Ctrl + Alt + B
To find usage CTRL + SHIFT + G Alt + F7


Michael said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

You haven't started using Intellij Idea properly until you use Alt-F7 Find Usages. This is much much faster in Idea, and is so useful, you will wonder how you ever coded without it.

Anonymous said...

You mean like Ctrl+Shift+G in Eclipse?

Alexandre de Pellegrin said...

I think it's that. I added the two shortcuts in the table. Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Anonymous said...

Ctrl + T in eclipse to find an implementation of a method or class

Rahul said...

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