Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maven best practices

Today, my friend Marco sent me a great blog entry on Maven best practices. In a few words, it says :

  1. Automate Snapshot Deployment by integrating your project in a CI system (like Hudson)
  2. Isolate Local Repositories using use -Dmaven.repo.local=xxxx option to define the unique local repositories for each build.
  3. Regularly Purge Local Repositories (mvn dependency:purge-local-repository)
  4. Enable Batch Mode with the -B option to reduce log size
  5. Enable Full Stack Traces (-e) when there's a build error
  6. Print Test Failures to Standard Output (in your settings.xml : true)
  7. Always check for Snapshots (-U option); useful when your project is split in modules and libraries. This ensures you always have the last dependency library release on your project.

Click here to see the full post :

Thanks Marco!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Making Eclipse look better on Ubuntu

I started today to find the simplest way to make my Eclipse look better on Ubuntu. I've got a laptop (so, I'm used to work with an LCD screen). Here is my solution :

Step 1 : install the ttf-liberation package
Step 2 : open your system->preferences->apparence menu. Go to the font tab and change fonts like that :

Application/Document/Desktop font: Liberation Sans, size 9
Window title font: Liberation Sans Bold, size 10
Fixed with font: Liberation Mono, 10

Select the LCD screen optimization features (including in the User Details options).

That's all!

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