Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Internet Explorer free under Ubuntu Linux with VirtualBox

This is a title I found on a blog ( You all know this kind of crisis when delivering a web application developed on your favourite Linux with FireFox : your piece of software crashes on Internet Explorer. You also know how it's difficult to have a IE quickly running on your Ubuntu. Perhaps you tested IE4Linux but it's an old projet. Thanks to Microsoft (yes, I can say this), you have a solution from now.

1) Go to the Microsoft download website :
2) Enter 'vpc images' in the search text field
3) You will have an answer titled :

IE App Compat VHD
VPC Hard Disk Images for testing websites with different Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP and Windows Vista

4) Click on the link and download an image (I took IE7-XPSP3.exe)
5) Rename it with the rar extension (ie IE7-XPSP3.rar) and unrar it
6) Install VirtualBox with Synaptic. This excellent software is able to read Microsoft Virtual PC image disk (VHD)
7) The first time you start your Windows, you will probably have a blue screen on processr.sys. So, restart in safe mode with the command prompt.
8) Find and rename processr.sys

cd \WINDOWS\system32\drivers
ren processr.sys processr.old

9) Reboot and install the Virtual Guest Additions

Ultimate note : after guest additions installation, my VBox crashed and refused to restart due to a problem when accessing to the disk image. To fix this, I found the following solution which consists on converting de Virtual PC disk image to a VMWare one using QEMU like this :

qemu-img convert XP\ SP3\ with\ IE7\ 2009-Apr.vhd -O vmdk XPSP3.vmdk

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