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Ubuntu 11.10 and ATI radeon problem : fan always on

Since I migrated my laptop (HP 4720s) to Ubuntu 11.10 with gnome-shell, I have the following issue :
  • the open source ATI drivers works well but my fan is always spinning
  • the additional drivers proposed by Ubuntu don't work and make gnome-shell unusable
  • the drivers (11.9) from AMD is very slow

So, for the moment, the best deal for me is to keep the open source drivers. DON'T INSTALL ANY OTHER DRIVER THAN THE ONCE INSTALLED BY DEFAULT. What we will do is to underclock the GPU to keep the temperature acceptable and avoid any problems with the fan. Let's open a terminal :
  • echo -e '#!/bin/sh\necho low > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile' | sudo tee /etc/init.d/ati-power-save
  • sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/ati-power-save
  • sudo update-rc.d ati-power-save defaults 99
By the way, we will increase FPS by disabling vertical sync.

  • echo 'export vblank_mode=0' | sudo tee -a /etc/environment

Reboot and enjoy the silence!


Anonymous said…
You saved my day.
Thought the OOS drivers were crap, but they work alot better than fglrx now.
Anonymous said…
thanks a lot.
I always used to run proprietary driver from AMD/ATI and it used to keep my graphics card cool. But after reinstalling 12.04-64bit which has 3.5.0 kernel version, hence Ubuntu shows no available proprietary driver and even manual installation failed.
This forced me to look for solution with existing driver and I am here.
Jorge Borisov said…
GREAT GREAT thanks!!! You have just made 2 years of my life with radeon and ubuntu! I like ubuntu very much, but couldn't use it because of this videocard issue. I was googling for solutions, waiting for new releases and nothing changed. And now I accidentally came across your blog and got a solution of the 2 years problem! Thanks you!
Ivan Harmady said…
Hey, a big THANKS to you. I had so much trouble with ATI and its buggy and not working drivers. Every time there was a new Ubuntu upgrade it totally crashed my system and I always spent much time with finding better solution or at least something really working. This really helped me, just using open source driver and don't care about their drivers.
Rahul said…
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