Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Manual installation of SVN connector with Subversive for Eclipse and SpringSource Tools Suite

In the last installation of STS I made, when I had the support of SVN by installing Subversive (from Menu > Help > Install New Software), Eclipse (Kepler) didn't ask me for the SVN connector I wanted to use. In this kind of situation, I discovered that it's possible to install it from an update site provided by Polarion.

So, go to to Polarion, and check out the url from the Download section. Here is the one I used :


Then you can install your SVN connector (for me, it's always SVNKit which is a pure Java implementation connector).



To install SVNKit as an Eclipse plugin or to make sure that you have the latest version installed, use http://eclipse.svnkit.com/1.8.x/ as an update site location in Eclipse Update Manager.

In Eclipse menu select Help->Software Updates
Then choose 'Available Software' tab
Click 'Add Site...' button
Type http://eclipse.svnkit.com/1.8.x/ in the 'Location' field and press 'OK'.
Check the new site (it should appear in the list of update sites) and follow further steps as prompted by Eclipse.

Use http://eclipse.svnkit.com/1.3.x/ or http://eclipse.svnkit.com/1.7.x/ as an update site location to get older versions of SVNKit (1.3.8 or 1.7.12).

Anonymous said...

For Eclipse Luna use the following update site:

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