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30 Eclipse plugins

As I was surfing on, I found this link which contains a selection a plugins. I've already tried someone which are very interesting. So, do like me : enhance your Eclipse!

A script I found to install Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 64bits

#!/bin/bash # Script created by # Romeo-Adrian Cioaba # Super minor updates by jason.melton[at]gmail[dot]com # Updates by Alejandro Cuervo 3[at]cuervo[dot]net # more very minor updates by damien[at]groovey[dot]com # Released under GPL
echo "Closing Firefox" sudo killall -9 firefox
echo "Downloading and instaling Getlibs for required libraries" wget sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb
echo "Removing previous installs of flash:" sudo apt-get remove -y --purge flashplugin-nonfree gnash gnash-common mozilla-plugin-gnash swfdec-mozilla libflashsupport nspluginwrapper sudo rm -f /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/*flash* sudo rm -f ~/.mozilla/plugins/*flash* sudo rm -f /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/*flash* sudo rm -f /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/*flash* sudo rm -rfd /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper
echo "Installing ia32-libs and nspluginwrapper" sudo apt-get install ia32-libs nspluginwrapper
echo "Get…

Functional Programming For The Rest of Us

Today, Marco gave me a link to a post made to understand what is functional programming (you know that Microsoft F# is arriving?) :
Thanks Marco!

Domain Driven Design Quickly in french

Good news for french readers! Guillaume Lebur translated this excellent book.

I realized I was a "ScrumButt" Master

I've just finished the two days long training session to be a Scrum Master. These two days were lead by Jeff Sutherland (in collaboration with Xebia France) . Of course, don't imagine that you will be great a Scrum Master at the end of the session. As Jeff said, were you a good driver just after obtaining youri driving license?

In this post, I will try to summarize notes I took during the course. It's not exhaustive but it wil give you a global idea of what is Scrum and what should do a Scrum Master.

But, before starting, let's return to the title of this post : "I realized I was a ScrumButt Master". Humm... what's that? Jeff said something very interesting . He asked people about who had already tried Scrum. Many ones in the assistance raised their hand. So, why were they here? ... Ok, let's do another test : can you give me the average velocity of your team? Only two answers iin allt the room. And that's why I was here. As many people, I tried Scr…

Use exotic Maven repositories with your local mirror

This is a little tip you must know if you have an "in-house" maven repository mirros (such as Artifactory) and if you want to access to an exotic one.

What's an exotic repository? My definition of that is a repository hosted by a developer isolated somewhere on the web. Of course, it's not a mirror of the official one. By the way, you should not declare it on you "in-house" mirror but simply write the following lines in your pom.xml :

<name>Violet's Maven repository (public access)</name>

Now, imagine you try to retrieve an artefact. Muupp... error! You miss to declare an exclusion in your settings.xml to inform Maven that it should not use your local mirror to get it. Thus, this is an example of what to do :


Want to trace network activity of your Microsoft Windows platform?

A good starting point is Fiddler :

Of course, it's free.

Speed Up your FireFox on Linux

You can't imagine how Firefox loves to write temporary files. I realized it on my Acer Aspire One with its ugly 8GB SSD. An excellent tip I read on the web consists in mounting a directory in memory and configuring FF to use it.

Let's go :

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Add the following line :

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0

In Firefox, open this internal URL :


Right click to add a new string entry :


Set its value to


Reboot your machine and appreciate...

Of course, this tip is certainly portable on Microsoft Windows with softwares like RamDrive even if I presented it on Linux.

Installing an Apache Tomcat cluster

I'm currently reviewing some scripts to install a Tomcat cluster. A nice way to do that is to have a common Tomcat installation and the minimum needed for each node. There's a an excellent introduction on the subject by Filip Kanik :

Then, you will find here an example of the file introduced by Filip :

Where is my Tomcat Adapter for WTP in Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) ?

I downloaded Galileo a few days ago. But, when I tried to test my webapp on my favourite Tomcat, I discovered that it missed the corresponding adapter. Wooo... After some searches (thanks to Google), I found the easiest way to install it and (by the way) all the other adapters. From the WTP update site (, select and install JST Server Adapters.

That's all!

Move a project from an SVN repository to another one

Today, I need to move a project from a first subversion repository to a second one. To do that, you need to have an access to your SVN server.

So, we will use the following commands :
svnadmin dump to backup the repositories (I insist on 'repositories'. I think it's important to have backups of all repos before doing such operations)svndumpfilter to reduce the backup scope to a single project because the dump can only be done on the entire SVN repositorysvnadmin load (I think you can guess what this wonderful command does)To understand this commands, it's important to know that svnadmin uses standard inputs and outputs. Thus, we can combine commands with pipes.

Let's save our project (with all its history, tags, branches...)

svnadmin dump /home/subversion/svn/repo/ | svndumpfilter include myproject > svn.myproject.dump

Now, let's backup our target repository :

svnadmin dump /home/subversion/svn/new_repo/ > svn.new_repo.dump

And let's import the project on th…

Modify your host networking interface with Virtual Box OSE 2.0.4

In the previous post, I talked about how to start a Windows XP image downloaded from Microsoft to be able to test your web application with Internet Explorer.

On Ubuntu 8.04 and Virtual Box OSE (Open Source Edition) 2.0.4, there are some fixes to do before being able to work with the hosted mode network interface.

I took the following instructions from the french Ubuntu forum (

1) install bridge-utils and uml-utilities (sudo apt-get)
2) add the vboxusers usergroup to your user :

$ sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers

3) Create a bridge by modifying you /etc/network/interfaces file

For DHCP conf

$ sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet manual

auto breth0
iface breth0 inet dhcp
bridge_ports eth0

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

For static IP conf

$ sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet manual

auto breth0
iface breth0 inet static
bridge_ports eth0
netmask 255.25…

Internet Explorer free under Ubuntu Linux with VirtualBox

This is a title I found on a blog ( You all know this kind of crisis when delivering a web application developed on your favourite Linux with FireFox : your piece of software crashes on Internet Explorer. You also know how it's difficult to have a IE quickly running on your Ubuntu. Perhaps you tested IE4Linux but it's an old projet. Thanks to Microsoft (yes, I can say this), you have a solution from now.

1) Go to the Microsoft download website :
2) Enter 'vpc images' in the search text field
3) You will have an answer titled :

IE App Compat VHD
VPC Hard Disk Images for testing websites with different Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP and Windows Vista

4) Click on the link and download an image (I took IE7-XPSP3.exe)
5) Rename it with the rar extension (ie IE7-XPSP3.rar) and unrar it
6) Install VirtualBox with Synaptic. This excellent software is able to read Microsoft Virtual PC image disk (VHD)
7) The first …

In love with my linux shell

Just a tiny link to a really interesting website which concentrate common and useful linux command lines :

Thanks Marco for this URL!

An easy way to export java classpath on linux

Simple but powerful, you just need to be in your lib folder and type :

export CLASSPATH=$(pwd)/*

That's all!

Zenika Wicket Contest / Concours Wicket Zenika

It's exceptional but I wrote this post in french. It's about a contest which proposed to developed a tiny Apache Wicket project with another framework. I tried to implement it with SmartGWT.

Bon et bien voilà : je livre mon appli ZenContact migrée en GWT. Je vous préviens, je ne vais pas trop mâcher mes mots. L'objectif du concours est assez clair : refaire une petite appli de gestion de contacts réalisée à l'occasion d'une présentation Wicket au Paris JUG; le tout avec un petit défi en plus car cette présentation menée par Zenika n'a duré qu'une heure.

Bref, devant l'enthousiasme général, j'ai entrepris de la refaire en GWT. Et comme il fallait aller vite, j'ai choisi de m'appuyer sur des outils et API pour avoir le moins à coder possible. Je fixe rapidement la stack de travail : Eclipse 3.4, Maven 2, SmartGWT. Bon, c'est parti! New maven project -> template gwt. Je teste l'application générée par le plugin Maven. Jusque là tout es…

Why can I access to port 8080 only from localhost on Ubuntu?

To achieve the previous post, I had some problems today to access to my tomcat server from another machine. Ping OK but telnet 8080 KO... Humm, this smells firewall rules. Bingo! I didn't considered iptables as a firewall but it's one!

So, if you are in a secure network area, you can disable it temporarily with the following command :
sudo iptables -FYou can go further by reading this how-to page :

TCP Port 80 blocked on Ubuntu

While working on project, I had to bind my Tomcat to port 80 (instead of deploying an Apache and configuring its mod_jk). But, as you should know, Unix systems contains default security rules. Ports below 1024 are only allowed to the root user. Humm... it was time to work with iptables!

The following commands would show you how to add a rule to redirect request on port 80 to port 8080 and how to remove this rule.

Adding a rule :

sudo iptables -t nat -I OUTPUT --src 0/0 --dst [YOUR_IP_HERE] -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8080

Saving it :

sudo iptables-save

Listing rules :

sudo iptables -t nat --line-numbers -n -L

This will show rules ordered by REDIRECT, PREROUTING, POSTROUTING and
OUTPUT. Each line start wil a number.

Deleting a rule :

sudo iptables -t nat -D [REDIRECT, PREROUTING, POSTROUTING or OUTPUT] number

Ex : sudo iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT 1

Why is agile software development like teenage sex?

Today, Romain Gauthier (OCTO Technology, for the moment) sent me a funny post on Agile development. I really like Agile methods but it's so funny that I had to paste it here :

Why is agile software development like teenage sex?
It's on everyone's mind all the time.Everyone is talking about it all the time.Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.Almost no one is really doing it.The few who are doing it are:
doing it poorlyhopeful it will be better next timenot practicing it safelyUnfortunately, it sticks to reality... Bahhh, Romain, I hate you. You tried to shake me but I will continue to promote SCRUM.

Source :

How your XML parser can detect encoding?

I've just fined a tiny article which describe how XML parsers detect document encoding. I hope you already know this but it always good to read it again. In a few words, parsers use the first document characters which are the same in all xml document and try different ways to read them and evaluate encoding.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish!

[VOSTFR] Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech, 2005

Thanks Mister Jobs! I think that I will listen to you over and over.

Maven best practices

Today, my friend Marco sent me a great blog entry on Maven best practices. In a few words, it says :

Automate Snapshot Deployment by integrating your project in a CI system (like Hudson)Isolate Local Repositories using use -Dmaven.repo.local=xxxx option to define the unique local repositories for each build.Regularly Purge Local Repositories (mvn dependency:purge-local-repository)Enable Batch Mode with the -B option to reduce log sizeEnable Full Stack Traces (-e) when there's a build errorPrint Test Failures to Standard Output (in your settings.xml : true)Always check for Snapshots (-U option); useful when your project is split in modules and libraries. This ensures you always have the last dependency library release on your project.

Click here to see the full post :

Thanks Marco!

Making Eclipse look better on Ubuntu

I started today to find the simplest way to make my Eclipse look better on Ubuntu. I've got a laptop (so, I'm used to work with an LCD screen). Here is my solution :

Step 1 : install the ttf-liberation package
Step 2 : open your system->preferences->apparence menu. Go to the font tab and change fonts like that :

Application/Document/Desktop font: Liberation Sans, size 9
Window title font: Liberation Sans Bold, size 10
Fixed with font: Liberation Mono, 10

Select the LCD screen optimization features (including in the User Details options).

That's all!