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Why is agile software development like teenage sex?

Today, Romain Gauthier (OCTO Technology, for the moment) sent me a funny post on Agile development. I really like Agile methods but it's so funny that I had to paste it here :

Why is agile software development like teenage sex?
It's on everyone's mind all the time.Everyone is talking about it all the time.Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.Almost no one is really doing it.The few who are doing it are:
doing it poorlyhopeful it will be better next timenot practicing it safelyUnfortunately, it sticks to reality... Bahhh, Romain, I hate you. You tried to shake me but I will continue to promote SCRUM.

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How your XML parser can detect encoding?

I've just fined a tiny article which describe how XML parsers detect document encoding. I hope you already know this but it always good to read it again. In a few words, parsers use the first document characters which are the same in all xml document and try different ways to read them and evaluate encoding.

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[VOSTFR] Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech, 2005

Thanks Mister Jobs! I think that I will listen to you over and over.