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High-Performance Oracle JDBC Programming

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High-Performance Oracle JDBC Programming

Learn how to improve performance of Oracle-driven JDBC programs by leveraging connection and statement pooling features.

By Yuli Vasiliev

Published April 2009

Using pooling techniques such as connection pooling and statement pooling can significantly improve performance of database-intensive applications, because it enables the reuse of objects that would otherwise need to be created from scratch, at the expense of time and resources.

Reusing database connection objects representing physical database connections utilized by an application can result in significant performance gains, provided that the application interacts with the database intensively, frequently re-establishing connections with the same parameters. On the other hand, you won’t benefit from using a connection pool if your applicat…

Replace your C3P0 or DBCP by Oracle pool (UCP)

Introduction : ODS or UCP?
I've been using DBCP and C3P0 for a long time. But, a few months ago, I started to have problems with them. For example, sometimes, no way to get any connection to my database (while it's still possible with my Oracle SQL Developer). So, I decided to look at the code of C3P0. What a surprise! Even if it's a very common pool for a lot of projects (such as Hibernate), it seems to be dead. No more development, code complicated with sub projects, no Maven integration (...ok, ok, even if you hate Maven, you have to admit that it is very efficient to modify the code of mavenized projects...). Thus, I looked for a new pool. Of course, I found the recent tomcat jdbc pool. But I finally decided to work with Oracle pool just because I only have Oracle databases.

So, this post is my history with Oracle pool.

When you look for pool features on Oracle doc website, you find to ways to implement it :
Oracle DataSource pool (also called ODS) and included in the driv…