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Google Groups Settings : an "how-to" solution without Google's Java API

I'm used to work with Google online services and my opinion is :
Google protocol is good (of course!) and I think that the direction which is taken to migrate to REST services is the good one.the documentation is never up-to-date and often contains wrong code samples (which sometimes doesn't compile because it contains deprecated instruction calls or string values).the Java API provides by Google is horrible. The support of Maven is still bad (it's better since of few months). It's confused between the provisioning API (GData library) and the Google Java Client API. Sometimes, you have to use the first one, sometimes the second.the authentication methods are also confused. You have to choice between ClientLogin, AuthSub, OAuth1 and OAuth2 (and OpenID?) : what's the fuck? On OAuth, you have other choice to take because the authentication workflow is different if you application is on the web or embedded. This situation could be clearer and Google should refine its au…

Yeaaah! What a cluster!