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Start a java program from another java program programmatically

That's the thing I had to perform today. Let's introduce the need : I developed last year a standalone java program that I can start from command line. Now, I want to start it from a web application. As the program is complex (some Spring Batch stuffs), I don't want to make an heavy integration. So, I decided to embed its jar in my webapp (WEB-INF/lib). All I had to do was to find an elegant way to start a dedicated java virtual machine from my webapp to run my program without consequence on my web application.

The most elegant way I found was to use ANT... programmatically. In the following example, I wrote two classes. The MainProgram represents my webapp and the ProgramToRun represents my Spring Batch application. To simplify the code,  I didn't create a specific classpath for the ANT task but keep in mind that it's possible.

Look at the code, isn't it easy and cool?

public class MainProgram {

public static void main(String[] args) {
Project project = new Proje…